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  • Becoming who you want to be.

    Becoming who you want to be.

    Be who you want to be. Let others do the the same.

  • The mental health benefits of self-care

    The following article was written by guest author Brad Krause. Brad is the writer and owner of http://selfcaring.info/ Image via Pexels For years, talking about mental health struggles was pretty taboo. To talk about your depression or anxiety meant you were making yourself vulnerable to other people’s judgements that you are “crazy.” In our current…

  • My food day.

    My food day.

    There is a lot of press around these days about what you should and should not eat. Warnings about the levels of fat, or salt, or sugar or whatever else may have some negative effects; maybe. I will absolutely not argue that a diet of wine, cheese and processed meats is not great for you.…