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  • Running with my girlfriend: week?

    Running with my girlfriend: week?

    Due to the current global situation, Helena and I have not been running together properly for weeks. This is despite the current UK regulations allowing for exercise to be carried out between household members. Because of the effect that this outbreak has had, I am no longer certain what week of our couch to 5km…

  • Running with my girlfriend – week 3

    Running with my girlfriend – week 3

    Running with my girlfriend – Week two Week three of Helena and I’s couch to 5k adventure, and we are still going strong. This week we made a little bit of a change to our programme, going from a 30 second : 1 minute run to walk split; to a 30 second : 50 second…

  • Running with my girlfriend – week 2

    Running with my girlfriend – week 2

    Join us as we continue our mission to start 2020 right, with a couch to 5k training plan. Only the second week in and already a challenge presents itself. Frost. As people that are much more suited to night time excursions than early morning exercise, anything that makes getting out of bed less appealing is…

  • Running with my girlfriend – Week 1

    Running with my girlfriend – Week 1

    My girlfriend and I start 2020 with a mission to get fitter through running.

  • We cook stuff: Blondie

    We cook stuff: Blondie

    This weekend we tried our hands at making a blondie. The recipe we “followed” is available by following this link. https://sugarspunrun.com/blondies-recipe/ After the relative success of our Victoria sponge last week, we were itching to get back in the kitchen and try baking some more goodies. We have been talking about making brownies for a…