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  • Focus on creativity

    Focus on creativity

    Updated 11/11/2023 Creating is a hugely important part what makes me who I am, but having a focus on creativity can sometimes be a challenge. I often find that I have so many ideas, or projects, in my head that I am almost overwhelmed by them; and so get put off by the thought of…

  • Less than average spreadshirt store

    Less than average spreadshirt store

    Buy less than average merchandise on spreadshirt now! There is a growing selection of less than average designed t-shirts, as well as other merchandise now available at spreadshirt. More designs and a whole LTA store will be launching in the coming weeks. Click the link below to browse the currently available designs. Spreadshirt.co.uk/Lessthanaverage

  • Art work merchandise

    Art work merchandise

    Some of my artworks are now available on t-shirts, hoodies, bags and a variety of other merchandise here: Spreadshirt – Less than average   Please be aware that this is an affiliate link and I will recieve a small proportion of any merchandise sold.

  • 5 amazing tools you should use to improve your blogging.

    Sometimes it can seem as if whatever you try on your blog you are not getting anywhere. It can be really difficult to turn those creative juices into views and interaction, fortunately there are many tools that can help you put a little extra shine on your content. Below is a list of the top…

  • Creating compelling content when you’re out of ideas.[Infographic]

    So often I sit staring at a plain screen, wondering what I should write about in my latest post. It is always nice to try and create fresh, new content that has not been seen before. Unfortunately, that is a difficult thing to achieve. After all, everything has been written about, or drawn, or sung…

  • Daily story – Writting to find inspiration.

    Daily story – Writting to find inspiration.

    I have decided that over the next few weeks I am going to write a story. I don’t know yet what it will be about, if it will be based on fact or fiction, if it will take anything from my own life or not. All I know is that I am planning on writing…