My shock wedding

A couple of years ago a work collegue and myself stated working on writting and recording some music together. We both are guitarists primarily, and were not really sure on what direction we wanted to go with our music. Because of this, we took an absolute age to get around to really doing anything. After about 6 months we got our acts together long enough to write 3 full songs and a handfull of further demo’s.

We are hoping to get back together again soon to add some polish to the songs we have finshed writting as well as to add complete some more music. As I said earlier, we are both guitarists so our early work is heavily guitar focused, though some of our demo’s are a little bit more experimental. Vocaly the music suffers as neither of us can sing really, and we didn’t have the time to heavily produce the recordings that we have done so far.

I will post some of the music that has already been created and will update in time as we further this project.






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