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  • Foods to aid your recovery

    Foods to aid your recovery

    Following on from my post about the importance of rest and recovery. When to take a rest day. I thought it would be useful to talk about some of the foods that you can use to further help your body recover. Beetroot Beetroot has been shown to greatly reduce muscle soreness after intense exercise. Researchers […]

  • Habits that slow down your metabolism.

    Habits that slow down your metabolism.

    It is a generally accepted fact that your metabolism slows as you age. Recent studies published in the Public Health Nutrition Journal backs this up with science. There are however other habits that you may have that increase this slowing. Drop some of these habits to take the fight back to the ageing process an […]

  • My food day.

    My food day.

    There is a lot of press around these days about what you should and should not eat. Warnings about the levels of fat, or salt, or sugar or whatever else may have some negative effects; maybe. I will absolutely not argue that a diet of wine, cheese and processed meats is not great for you. […]

  • Green tea. Is it better than water?

    Green tea. Is it better than water?

    Green tea has many of the same benefits as water, which you can read about here: The benefits of water according to science. But, it also has many other benefits. Many of the plant compounds found in the tea leaves make it into the final drink, these compounds contain many important nutrients. There are large […]

  • Are there carbs in wine?

    Are there carbs in wine?

    You often hear about the dangers of drinking alcohol when trying to control your weight, but is there actually any science behind this? Of course, for a large variety of alcoholic beverages it is know to be the case that they contain a large number of calories. Beers and spirits being prime examples. But what […]

  • The benefits of Palm wine.

    The benefits of Palm wine.

    Palm wine has many recognised benefits in its pure, unaltered form. Although this is not a drink I have previously tried myself, it is one that I am willing to try in the future. Having read about many of the benefits of this drink, I am going to give this a go myself and will […]