These days it seems that every day you hear something bad about the state of public health. From the all the talk in the western world about childhood obesity, and the effects of sugar on both the waistline and tooth health of the population. The huge increase in recent years of mental health issues, especially among minors and the concerns over the consumption of alcohol or the prevalence of smoking.

In this series I will be looking into ways we can assure our own health is looked after, without missing out on enjoying life. I will treat this page as a kind of central hub for all of the content I create on these issues.

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of health, as far as I’m concerned, is relaxing, taking some time out from your busy lives to just enjoy your own company.

The following posts are focused on this subject.

The amazing relaxation spots in Wiltshire.



There are so many concerns regarding mental health these days, I myself have had many issues with anxiety and depression.

The following posts focus on this.

Supporting Mind: the mental health charity.

Bullet journaling: Relieving symptoms of anxiety.

Self-punishment, Why do we do it?

The dark can be beautiful

Perfect insomnia

Creating a stress reducing playlist


An active social life is vital to maintaining good health and happiness.

Find out about this in the posts below.

Thursday nights, cinema night.

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