How Self-Care Can Help You Thrive as an Entrepreneur

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If you’ve recently started your own business, you aren’t alone. According to Enterprise Nation, the United Kingdom saw an increase in startups during the COVID-19 pandemic — a trend that has continued even as vaccines are rolled out. As a budding entrepreneur, you’re likely very devoted to your new startup. While it’s great to be passionate about your business, it’s critical to make time to take care of yourself.

Find out how self care can improve your wellbeing and benefit your business below.

Understanding the benefits of self care for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are known for their work ethic. Unfortunately, overwork can cause mental and physical health issues. Thrive Global notes that entrepreneurial burnout is a growing issue. Symptoms of impending burnout include frustration, exhaustion, and lack of productivity. When you’re in this state, you won’t be able to thrive professionally or personally.

Self care doesn’t just prevent you from burning out. It can also make you better at your job. Take a simple self care act like getting enough sleep, for example. If you aren’t well rested, you will find your concentration lagging. The BBC reports that companies, recognizing the benefits of well-rested workers, are now even paying employees to sleep.

Implementing self-care into your working life

Now that you get how important self-care is for entrepreneurs, what are you going to do about it? You can start by addressing stressors that negatively impact your wellbeing at work. Consider outsourcing tedious tasks that you dislike, for example. Outsourcing can free up time to focus on more important duties.

You can also use technology to save time on the job. Help details a few cutting-edge tools business owners can benefit from, including automation, online meeting tools, and project management software. By streamlining your business operations, you will give yourself more hours in the day to focus on your business’s most valuable asset: you.

Seize other opportunities to carve out time for yourself as an entrepreneur, like taking vacation days, incorporating regular breaks into your workday, and working remotely when possible. This is especially important when you’re in a leadership role. ZenBusiness explains that managers tend to have more stress the more people they have to oversee.

Finding time for self-care outside of the office

Enhancing efficiency at work can reduce stress and give you more time. Make sure you use that time wisely. Incorporate self-care into your everyday life beyond the workplace. Regular exercise is one important step. According to Mental Health UK, physical activity reduces stress and anxiety. It also has physical benefits, like improved cardiovascular health.

Diet is another important component of overall wellbeing. Food is fuel and eating the right mix of vitamins and minerals will help you stay focused mentally and feel great physically. Check out The Eatwell Guide from the UK government for nutritional guidance. In general, a healthy diet incorporates lean proteins, whole grains, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Finally, find ways to keep the everyday stress of entrepreneur life in check. Mindfulness is one excellent way to get a handle on stress, according to the National Health Service. There are mindfulness practices like meditation and breathing exercises you can use to focus your energy inwards and block out external stressors.

As the above guide has hopefully made clear, self-care isn’t just a “nice to have” for entrepreneurs. It’s a must. Taking proper care of yourself will ensure you are mentally and physically at your best, which will benefit you in both your life in every aspect.

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