Windows 11 tips and tricks

Windows 11 released in Q4 2021, and I am personally a fan of its sleek new user interface and refreshing new features; but I know not everybody is such a fan of change. The following tips should help you make the most of your time with the new OS.

Realign the Start Button

The most obvious change that is instantly apparent upon first loading into the new OS is the centrally aligned start button. If this is something that you don’t like, and would rather it be in its traditional bottom left corner location; it is simple to fix. Right-click the taskbar and open Taskbar Settings. Select the Taskbar behaviours drop-down and change Taskbar alignment to Left.

Windows 11 tips and tricks - left start button
Left aligned Start button

Simplified right click menu

The right click menu in Windows 11 has been greatly simplified. The most used options are now shown in a context sensitive menu when you first right click. If there is something missing though, just click Show more options at the bottom of the menu and the traditional right click menu will appear with all hidden options shown.

Windows 11 Tips and tricks - Simplified right click menu
Simplified right click menu

More multitasking layouts

Windows has had a snap and resize feature for a few generations already, but Windows 11 builds massively on this. Windows 11 gives a big increase in the number of these “snaps”. By hovering over the maximize button, a menu of options will be displayed. These options allow for quick and efficient desktop layouts.

Windows 11 Tips and tricks - Snap view menu
Snap layouts menu

Focus sessions

The new clock app includes a feature called “Focus sessions” that makes it easier to stay focused on your work. The minimum time period that can be set for a focus session is 30 minutes. Any time longer than 45 minutes will have a break automatically added to it, which can be skipped if you really want to focus.

Windows 11 Tips and tricks - Focus assist
Focus assist

Multiple desktops

If your desktop is getting cluttered, or you would like to keep your work and personal apps separate; you will likely be a fan of the newly simplified desktop management feature. This is largely a replacement for the old Task View button. Hovering over the button will show any virtual desktops that you have and allows for quick, easy switching between them.

Windows 11 Tips and tricks - Desktop manager
Desktop manager





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