Turning Tides: Wielding Change for the Better

Change can be a scary thing, especially when it arrives unplanned, but if you keep an open mind and apply the right philosophies, a period of transition can improve your life for the better. You’ll need to be willing to embrace new opportunities and sometimes work hard at working less. Here’s the Less Than Average approach to better living in times of turmoil.


The dreaded ‘P’ word is as often complained about as it is misunderstood. The truth is, we tend to waste time on menial distractions, not because we’re lazy or bored, but as an emotional reaction to stress. It is sometimes the thread we pull to reveal a wider tapestry of issues, and by exploring those issues you can not only increase your productivity but also your quality of life.

The good news is, by addressing the issue of procrastination, we may also be addressing our deeper internal problems. Experts suggest ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) as an effective means to confront procrastination habits, as this will help you to tolerate uncomfortable thoughts and feelings and stay present in the moment despite them. If you were able to improve your habit for dithering, not only would you come to feel more content but you’d be able to get more done.

Health and Fitness

In some ways, the process of exercise is asymmetric. If you aren’t working up a sweat, your energy levels in the long-term might drop, making it more difficult to find the will to get up and out after a hard day’s work – the longer you spend off the pace, the harder it is to get back onto it. This is why, if you’re out of shape and out of practice, there’s no better time to hit the treadmill than now (because it will be even harder to do so later). If you’re going through a period of upheaval and the circumstances of your life have changed, exercise is also a great way to feellike you’re moving in a positive new direction.

To track your progress, it’s a great idea to invest in a fitness tracker or smartwatch. Although not compulsory to good exercise, a good watch will prove invaluable when it comes to monitoring your positive progress and proving to yourself in measurable ways that clear progress has been made. Plus, there are a number of new watchbands or screen protectors to safeguard your purchase and keep you looking fresh.


No aspect of your life is more important or more closely interlinked with your happiness than your relationships. In a period of transition, you’ll likely find yourself reviewing the people you spend time with, expend energy on, or commit to. Making healthy, decisive choices about these individuals will help you to move forward in the right direction. With the advent of social media, we’re often led to believe that more equals more. But, the truth is, a strong nucleus of good friends is usually of more value to your well being than a thousand fickle strangers.

It’s also important to remember that relationships are a two-way street. It can be easier to cut others out for their incompatible personalities than it is to work on your own. If you are going through a time of ‘change’, it might be a good time to ‘change’ some things about yourself. In the digital age, we are often in the habit of posting and sharing about ourselves and, amid all this talking, the art of listening is sometimes forgotten, but learning how to be an active listener is crucial for balanced, wholesome relationships and interactions with others.

Whatever your circumstances, no matter how dire or upsetting, it’s never too late to adjust your life for the better. With a fair-minded approach, a willingness to address your problems, and some help from your loved ones, there’s no reason why the next thing can’t be spectacular.

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