Lookiero box – November 2020

As I said in my last blog I was thinking of cancelling my Stitch Fix boxes and looking at another service. I decided to go for Lookiero, you answer the usual questions when you first sign up about your style but you also have the option to add some pictures of yourself and links to your social media which can help your stylist determine what would be good for you. I didn’t do this because I wanted to be surprised by my first box and I wasn’t disappointed but I might consider it for next time.  The only thing I found odd about the style questionnaire is that it only asks you how much you would typically spend on a dress and not other items of clothing. I guess they use that to determine your price range which is good for me because the less expensive an item is the better; but what if you would spend more on another item of clothing then you would a dress?

I don’t want to compare Lookiero too much to Stitch Fix but I definitely found the whole process of Stitch Fix a bit more polished and easier to use. Lookiero doesn’t have an app so you have to log onto your account on the website every time you want to use it which can be a bit time consuming sometimes. They use DPD to pick up your unwanted items, and whilst it is free my nearest DPD pick up point is in a completely different town to me, which is also time consuming when you can just take your returns from Stitch Fix to your local post office. One last thing that I found slightly annoying is that they give you a bag in the box your clothes are delivered to send your items back in which means you’re stuck with a box that you then have to get rid of yourself, this is a minor thing but it all adds up to Lookiero not being as easy to use as I would have liked.   

This all sounds very negative but I was impressed with the quality of the clothes I received and I’m sure I will be using the service again so I will talk about the good points in my next blog. Take a look at my first Lookiero box…

Deeluxe Meline Sweater, Berry – £31.50

I had never heard of Deeluxe before receiving this box so researched the brand but couldn’t find them online which is probably why I hadn’t heard of them! Because of this the jumper in the picture isn’t the same one as I received but it is very similar. I am a big fan of cosy jumpers and as it turns out my mum was looking for a Christmas present for me and was looking at similar jumpers so she said she would buy this for me for Christmas. In my opinion its more of a Boxing Day snuggle up jumper than a Christmas day jumper but can’t wait to snuggle up in it anyway!

Soyaconcept Socobliss Sweater Visco – £30.00

Again, I had never heard of the brand Soyaconcept so was surprised to find that they do have a website, although I couldn’t find the exact jumper I received. The jumper in the picture is very similar apart from the colour, the actual colour is more of a black but being a fan of jumpers I decided to treat myself with this one. The colour was definitely a bonus for me because the jumper will go with almost anything.

Only Blush Jeans – £42.00  

I was really impressed with these jeans because being of a short height it’s really hard to find jeans that fit me leg wise and that I don’t have to roll up at the ankles. Unfortunately, due to me selecting the wrong size on my style profile these jeans didn’t quite fit me so I had to send them back but I have now changed my size on my profile so I can’t make the same mistake again. I loved these jeans so much (especially the fringing at the bottom) and was hoping that I could exchange them through Lookiero but unfortunately that’s not a service they provide so I have bought the next size up through the Only website.

Rut & Circle Bea Top – £29.95

I really did like this top but couldn’t really justify buying it as we’re currently in a second lockdown and I wouldn’t have an occasion to wear it, especially as I bought another nice top from my last Stitch Fix box and haven’t even worn that one yet! I wasn’t aware of the brand Rut & Circle but was pleasantly surprised that they had a website and of the quality of clothes.

Noisy May Sadie Jacket – £36.00

I wasn’t a fan of this jacket, and pretty much knew as soon as I saw it that I wouldn’t be keeping it.  I normally like bomber type jackets, I have one of my own in a maroon colour but this one just didn’t look right on me it was a bit big and puffy for my liking. As it has been for all of the brands sent to me I was unaware of Noisy May and enjoyed researching the brand and finding their website.

This month I kept the jumpers from Deeluxe and Soyaconcept, and although I didn’t buy the jeans from Only via Lookiero I did by them from the brands website in a bigger size. I sent the Rut & Circle top and the Noisy May jacket back. The total cost came to £51.50 after a deduction of £10 for the stylist fee. Also adding on the £42 for the jeans altogether I spent £93.50. Generally the items were a decent price range for me expect for the jeans, a bit more expensive then I would normally pay but it was worth it to purchase some decent jeans that fit me leg wise. I’d be happy to receive another box from Lookiero. 🙂




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