Stitch fix review – September 2020

I had no problems receiving this month’s Stitch Fix box as it was left outside in a safe place for me rather than taken back to the sorting office to be picked up at another time.  As mentioned in my previous blog I did leave a note for Georgia in the stylists notes section asking to be sent a handbag and a pair of flip flops but in the message that comes with the outfit guide I found out that Georgia was on holiday and it was actually a stylist called Phoebe that had sent me my items in this month’s clothing subscription box. I wasn’t too bothered because I really liked the bag she had sent me as you can read below. However, the flip flops weren’t what I had in mind.  

I’m not sure if it was because I had a different stylist than usual but this month’s box seemed to be quite expensive. I think I might either cancel Stitch Fix and look at another service or just stop with getting a clothing subscription box altogether. I’m hoping it won’t come to this because I enjoy writing these reviews but at the moment I can’t really afford to splurge out on the items being sent to me however much I like them.  

Take a look at this month’s box…

Mango Lucy Bag – £35.99

I mentioned in my stylist note for this box that I was hopefully starting a new job, which was technically a little white lie but hopefully by the time you read this it won’t be! Phoebe did not disappoint; I’ve always been aware of the brand Mango but never bought anything from there so didn’t even know that they did bags. The sleek black colour means that it will go with any outfit and the price is acceptable for a bag that will last for a long time. Although the bag only has a button to hold the content in and not a zip it does have an inside pouch that has a zip that you can safely store anything valuable you don’t want to lose in the bottom of your bag. I have already used the bag once and I’m very impressed with it.  

 In Wear Rindal Top – £34.95

I was unaware of the brand In Wear before I was sent this top but I instantly knew that I liked the item and would be one of the items I would keep. Again the colour will go with almost anything, especially the bag from Mango. For me the price was a bit much, a common theme in this months’ box but because of the floaty style of the top which suits me and because of the material I decided that it was worth it for this item. 

Warehouse Ring Detail Mule – £29.00

Another thing I mentioned in my stylist note for this box was that I would quite like some everyday flip flops. Despite the fact that these are mules and not flip flops I decided to try them on anyway. This was an item definitely not for me, I have quite wide feet and these were very narrow. I’m not sure if this is something I can change on my Stitch Fix profile but it possibly might be worth it if shoes are sent to me in the future. They were quite hard to walk in (possibly because of my wide feet) and not very comfy. Because of this I decided not to keep these mules.

Mauvette Vanessa High Rise Denim – £59.00

Although not the actual jeans I was sent, as Mauvette don’t have a website, they are very similar. They were super comfy when I tried them on, if a little long but that’s because I’m super short! I was pleasantly surprised as when I’ve been sent items from Mauvette before I wasn’t really too keen on them. However at the moment spending £60 on a pair of jeans is something I just can’t afford so unfortunately I had to send these back.

Editor’s Cut Tammy Skinny Rib V Neck Jumper – £39.00

I was unaware of the brand Editor’s Cut so it was not a surprise to learn that they also don’t have a website. The item in the picture is from ASOS and very similar apart from the colour was burgundy. I really liked the jumper, burgundy is one of my favourite colours to wear and it would have gone well with the jeans from Mauvette. But again, as seems a regular thing with Stitch Fix at the moment £40 for a simple jumper just seemed a bit too much, so I also sent this item back as well. 

This month I kept the Mango bag and the top from In Wear and sent the rest back, the total came to £60.94 after my £10 was deducted from the stylist fee. Apart from the bag which I’m sure I will use all the time for a long time to come I wasn’t overly impressed with this month’s Stitch Fix box mainly because of very simple items of clothing like jumpers and jeans being so expensive but also because even after completing the style shuffle every day, I was sent mules instead of flip flops that weren’t really my style. I’m unsure whether I will carry on with a clothing subscription box, but I have enjoyed the experience (most of the time!) of receiving new styles of clothing to try. I’ll keep you posted…





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