Stitch Fix Review 2

Waiting for my second Stitch Fix delivery was just as exciting as the first one but not as easy… I was told it would be delivered by the 22nd July, which it was but neither me or Jon were in so it got taken to the sorting office to cut a long story short I got my parcel the day after which wasn’t really a problem.

As I said in my previous blog there was so much I left out that I will try and talk about now: as well as the price guide and guide to what items work well with each other there is a message from my stylist, Georgia. She explains why she chose each item of clothing for me and even references the sandals from my previous box which I thought was really cool as it feels really personal and not that I’m just another customer.

There is also a feature where you can invite your friends to try the service, they will get £15 credit and you will save £15 on your next Stitch fix box, I am yet to invite anyone but I’m sure one day it will come in handy. There is of course an app you can download on your device where you can check when your box is estimated to be delivered, you can also leave a message for your stylist of what you can you would like to see in your next delivery.

I was happy just to be sent whatever Georgia thought was best for me this time around but for my next box in September I wouldn’t mind a bag that can fit everything it and can go from daytime to nighttime and some every day flip flops. I’m also not keen on the T-shirts from Mauvette that I’ve been sent so I’ll probably mention this to her as well. My favourite function of the app is the style shuffle where you can either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on certain items of clothing that are shown to you. This also help your stylist to see what styles you like when they are deciding on your next box. Take a look at this months box ….  

Warehouse Utility Tie Front Short – £29.00

Although not the actual shorts I was sent as I couldn’t find these online, they are very similar. Before this Stitch Fix box arrived black shorts where the only colour shorts I didn’t have and was missing, it was just a coincidence they arrived this month! I have shopped at Warehouse before and think that £29.00 is a decent price for these very comfy shorts. The orange French Connection top and Vero Moda sandals from my last Stitch Fix box would go perfectly with these shorts for a cute summer outfit.

Mauvette Tilda Rib Cardigan – £39.00

From my previous Stitch Fix findings I found that Mauvette does not have a web presence so when I saw that this cardigan was from that label I was a bit dubious. This is not the exact same cardigan but is very similar, when I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised. It fit well and was comfy, it even had some cute detail on the sleeves which can’t be seen here. £39 is maybe a little pricey but because of the navy blue colour it will go with almost anything so I decided to splash the cash.  

Mauvette Aurora Star Embroidered T- Shirt – £32.00

I wasn’t a fan of this T-shirt, the V neck cut didn’t suit me and it just looked like a pyjama top on me, I think for my next box I will ask not to be sent T-shirts from Mauvette as the one I was sent in my box before also didn’t suit me. I have a very similar top to this one anyway from Gap (pictured above) so pretty much knew just from looking at it that I probably wouldn’t be keeping this item.

Modstrom Krown mock Neck T-shirt – £33.99

I was very indecisive about this T-shirt but in the end I decided not to keep it. It was a nice fit but I realised that I already had a couple of grey turtle neck jumper type tops, I guess this can be a problem when you don’t know what is going to be in your box, you could end up with something very similar to what you already have! Modstrom is a name I have heard before but never really explored so it was nice to find out about a new clothing label.

Inyati – Lottie Chain Bag – £45.00

I pretty much knew I wasn’t going to keep this bag from when I first saw it. In the past I have had so many clutch bags of the same material that I have ended up selling them on eBay so too buy another one just wouldn’t make sense! I have not heard of the brand Inyati but I definitely wouldn’t pay £45 for such a small bag.

This month I kept the shorts and the cardigan and sent the rest back, the total came to £58 as I’d already paid the £10 stylist fee. I wasn’t as impressed with this box as I was my first one, although I do love the shorts but I think that might be improved next time as I will leave a not for my stylist with suggestions with what she could send me next, so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in September.





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