Not all skin (or skincare) is created equal. One of the biggest challenges facing skincare consumers today is finding products that work for them—their unique skin type and the unique challenges they face with their skin. And, you won’t find it on Google.

We no longer fit into the 4 standard groups of skin type, normal, oily, dry or combination, when determining skincare choices or product recommendations. The one-size-fits-all approach that most skincare and beauty companies take just doesn’t deliver the unique skincare solutions consumers need to get their healthiest complexion. This doesn’t give individuals the personalization they need.

That is—until now.

Artificial intelligence is completely revolutionizing the beauty industry and the world of skincare.

Instead of formulating products for the masses, AI beauty technology has the ability to develop custom cosmetics and formulate skincare products to address each individual’s unique needs—delivering specific benefits and better results in a shorter period of time. The use of AI in beauty industry product development is the new frontier of skincare and cosmetics. PROVEN is leading the charge for AI face beauty in the skincare world—and we’re poised to completely change the way you look at skincare forever.

Born from a personal mission, PROVEN was created to show that skin type categories are outdated, skin doesn’t fit into any specific grouping. Supported by AI technology and the largest database in beauty, supported by extensive research, Proven is able to offer a personalized collection of skincare products in real-time, to address an individual’s skin issues and skincare needs. But what, exactly, is AI beauty technology? How does it work? And how is AI face beauty going to change the skincare and beauty industry for good?

What is AI beauty technology?

AI beauty technology is exactly what it sounds like—artificial intelligence and machine learning technology applied to the beauty industry to come up with custom cosmetics and skincare solutions for consumers. It is also beginning to make strides in the hair care industry as well, helping to identify issues with hair structure and determining hair type.

AI beauty technology can analyze massive amounts of data about products and ingredients and then aggregate that data to come up with custom solutions for consumers—all in a fraction of the amount of time possible before machine learning. Beauty AI is completely changing the cosmetics game, and by utilizing AI in skincare, we aim to do the same at PROVEN.

How PROVEN is using AI Beauty Technology

At PROVEN, we leveraged cutting-edge AI technology to comb through a whopping 8 million product reviews to gather data about which, from over 200,000 ingredients are the most efficacious—and for which skin types, tones, and concerns. We then partnered with Dr. Tyler Hollmig, Head of Dermatology at Stanford University (now Head of Dermatology at the University of Texas at Austin) to develop unique formulations to treat individual skin needs, issues and concerns.

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In order to configure the most effective products for our customers, we developed a skin care assessment to gather information on a number of different touch points, from skin texture to top concerns to lifestyle to potential sensitivities. We then analyze each assessment which gives a holistic picture of a person’s skin health and enables us to pinpoint unique skin types and concerns. We then determine, formulate and deliver a customized product regimen tailored to each individual.

Our AI beauty technology allows us to deliver highly personalized products that deliver real results—results that you just won’t find with the one-size-fits-all approach to skincare you’ll find with other beauty brands. Using AI applications for skincare personalization is an effective way to target your skin’s unique needs, while eliminating time consuming and expensive errors by purchasing products that may be ineffective for your skin.

The Future of AI Beauty Technology

PROVEN is currently on the cutting-edge of combining machine learning, skin analysis and AI beauty technology, and we’re committed to staying there—but where we are today? It’s only the beginning. Yet, the cosmetics market and beauty industry are paying attention as well as the influencers.

We also utilize e-commerce and social media to get our message out and our products directly to consumer. We have partnered with some of the most renowned dermatologists. “The Proven personalized product model is also highly inclusive, enabling us to serve many ethnicities that are currently underserved in the industry”. states Ming Zhao, Proven CEO and co-founder. “We have already provided personalized products to thousands of customer because of AI technology”.

Beauty tech has merged with big data at the industry will never be the same. As the artificial intelligence world continues to advance, there stands to be even more opportunities for artificial intelligence beauty and AI skincare solutions. Our goal—and our commitment to our customers—is to continue to leverage AI beauty technology to deliver the most effective and highly personalized solutions in the skincare industry.

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