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Recently, due to the current situation of Covid, I decided to treat myself to some new clothes. Normally I would just go on a shopping trip but that wasn’t an option and then up popped an ad for Stitch Fix whilst I was scrolling through Facebook. Intrigued, I clicked on this add and this is what I found:

Once you click on the website you are pretty much instantly taken to a style questionnaire, this questionnaire has everything from how much you like to shop, whether a certain outfit they have put together is your style, to how often you want your stylist to send certain items of clothing e.g. smart causal pieces etc. This also includes your price range, so you won’t be sent anything that is out of your price range. You can also manage how often you want your Stitch Fix box delivered, 2-3 weeks, every month, every two months or every three months, I chose to go for every two months. 

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! Obviously, nothing in this world is for free, so once you’ve filled in your questionnaire and given them all your details, you pay a stylist fee of £10. This is for the stylist to select the outfit for you and send it to you, but once your items have arrived and you’ve decided which items you want to pay for and which ones you want to keep that £10 is deducted from your total fee and returns and exchanges are free! There is the added discount of 20% if you decided to keep and buy all 5 items in your box.

So, once I had ordered my first Stitch Fix box, I eagerly awaited my delivery. I was told that it would arrive by Wednesday 27th May but to my excitement it arrived a day early on the Tuesday. I eagerly ripped open my parcel and this is what I found inside:

Vero Moda – Carla Leather Sandal – £36.00

Vera Moda sandals from Stitch Fix

Although these are not the actual sandals I was sent they are very similar, I couldn’t find the exact same ones on the Vero Moda website. Although not familiar with the Vero Moda label and a bit more expensive than I would normally go for I was very happy with these as I was in need of some new summer sandals and were incredibly comfy when I tried them on. The straps are changeable, and you can make them tighter or looser which could be handy, if like me you suffer from blisters with most new shoes. I wouldn’t suggest these sandals are good for walking long distances but are great for a trip to the beach.    

Vero Moda – Simply Easy Tank Playsuit – £26.00

Vera Moda Playsuit from Stitch Fix

Again, this picture not the actual item I was sent, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this. The current hot weather taken into account a playsuit was again exactly what I needed. If I had seen this in a shop, I would have admired it, but I probably wouldn’t have the guts to have bought it. When I tried it on it felt super comfy and I wore it to a family birthday BBQ, along with the sandals earlier in the week. The price is something I would expect to pay for a playsuit like this.

French Connection – Cap Sleeve Blouse – £27.00

French connection blouse from Stitch fix

French Connection is a brand I’m familiar with, but I wouldn’t necessarily look in if I was out shopping. In my opinion £27 is a bit expensive for such a simple top but because it such a bright colour it will go with almost anything and makes a great staple piece for any summer wardrobe and that’s why I decided to keep it.

Mauvette – Mila Leopard Print T-shirt – £28.00

Mauvette T-shirt from Stitch Fix

Again, Mauvette is a brand I’m not familiar with and I’m not sure I would choose to shop there again, and they don’t seem to have website which would put me off, I had to get this picture from eBay! (Which also says something as the label looks like a Stitch Fix label, maybe I’m not the only one that didn’t quite like this item as much as the rest?) The print was interesting but when I tried the top on the sleeves were longer on me then suggested in the photo and the style just wasn’t right for me.

Mauvette – Viv High Rise Skinny Stretch Capri – £40.00

Mauvette Jeans

Again, as Mauvette don’t seem to have a web presence, these are similar to the ones I was sent. At first glance I already knew I probably wasn’t going to keep these as I already had a white pair of shorts and jeans, just the risk you have to be prepared to take when ordering from Stich Fix. I tried them on anyway and found they were too small for me, this is probably due to me not clicking on the right size for trousers during my questionnaire as I tend to go up and down between size 12 and 14, I have since changed this, and not the fault of Stitch Fix and wouldn’t put me off buying trousers from the service again.

Last Words

The box comes with a price list, complete with deductions for discounts, a really cute guide to what would work outfit wise with the items sent to you and instructions on how to send your box back. Altogether my box came to £79 as I kept the sandals, the playsuit and the orange top and had already paid the £10 stylist fee. All in all, I was very impressed with my first box from Stitch Fix and can’t wait for my next box to be delivered in July!

There is so much more I could talk about but will leave that until my next blog, until then I will leave the link here for you to check out yourself.

This article came about as an indirect consequence of Covid-19, click here to see How covid-19 is changing daily habits.





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