We cook stuff: Smoked salmon and King prawn carbonara

This is one of our favourite meals. It’s so simple and yet amazingly tasty. We think that carbonara is an often underrated meal.

The recipe that this is based on can be found here: BBC Good food – Smoked Salmon Carbonara

There are a couple of changes that we make to this basic recipe when we cook this meal. The main change being that we add King Prawns to our version. We also use a little bit of some different cheeses when cooking our sauce. This week we added a small amount of Cheddar and Gouda.

Smoked Salmon and King prawn carbonara.

Carbonara is really versatile as well, the salmon and Prawns in our version can easily be replaced with bacon or ham. This dish can also be made completely meat free by using mushrooms or nuts instead.

Served with a simple salad, this really is a quick, easy and tasty meal.

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