We cook stuff: Pork Chops Romano

This week we thought we would give something a little different a try. Pork Chops Romano. I have never heard of it prior to Helena finding this recipe while doing our weekly dinner roulette.

As usual with our We cook stuff meals, the recipe was “followed” to a degree.

If you are interested in trying it out for yourself follow this link: Pork Chops Romano

Unlike our usual attempts at loosely following recipes, we actaully managed to get basically all of the ingredients that this recipe called for. Other than the breadcrumbs that is. That’s on me. We had to make do with making our own breadcrumbs, which worked well enough.

A pan of new potatoes
A few new potatoes is all we needed to have with our great pork chops

Served with just some buttered new potatoes and the sause that the chops were cooked in, this was a great tasting way of cooking pork chops. A form of meat which I don’t usually like.

Flattened pork chops

We didn’t manage to flatten the pork chops to anywhere near the level shown in the recipe and the end product wasn’t quite as refined as that shown in the recipe. They were still great though. In fact, it was such a nice meal that I took one of the finished chops to work the next day for my lunch. With a bit of added cheese.

A plate of pork chops romano

With the UK’s covid-19 lockdown having been extend for another three weeks; the plan is for a whole lot more of these cooking posts over the next few weeks. We might even post some of our own recipes.






3 responses to “We cook stuff: Pork Chops Romano”

  1. embuckeridge avatar

    These look good! We love a port chop so might have to add this recipe to our meal plan 😄


    1. Jonathan Buckeridge avatar

      Do it! It was great, made me actually want to eat a pork chop 😂


      1. embuckeridge avatar

        No easy task! I’ll add it to my list 😄


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