Running with my girlfriend: week?

Due to the current global situation, Helena and I have not been running together properly for weeks. This is despite the current UK regulations allowing for exercise to be carried out between household members. Because of the effect that this outbreak has had, I am no longer certain what week of our couch to 5km this actually is.

Despite the two of us not currently running together, Helena and myself are both still working on our fitness goals.

Helena is now actually running on her own 3 or 4 times per week, in part down to the gyms all being closed. She is also skipping for a few minutes multiple times per week. She makes sure that she tries to fit a walk in on the days that she is not able to go for a run. Of course, proper social distancing is always followed whilst getting the necessary exercise.

I am personally running a bit less than I would like, although I will make a more conscious effort going forward. I am, however, getting in a decent amount of exercise whilst walking. The business that I work for is still open, as we manufacture some equipment that is used by the health service. In order to maintain social distancing, and lessen the risk to employees, some of us are now working the late shift. As a result of this, I am currently working from 2pm to 10pm. This has made getting some of the exercise that I would like to do a little bit more difficult. Fortunately I am able to walk to and from work, as it is less than a mile from our house.

During this testing time we are both finding it essential to be able to get out and do a bit of exercise. If the regulations change to make this more difficult, then that is something that we will absolutely follow. We are fortunate that we have access to an outside space on our property, so we will still be able to get outside for some fresh air.

Hopefully we are all getting close to the tipping point with this illness. Wherever you are in the world right now, I hope that you are well and that you are keeping safe.




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