Running with my girlfriend – Update

Its been a few weeks since my last post on Helena and I’s running journey.

A couple of weeks ago we missed our first session. A mixture of a hectic weekend schedule and waking up late on Saturday morning led to this.

The weeks prior to this one though, were very productive for us. We continued with our interval training regime for a little while, and returned to this again this week.

Photo by Daniel Reche from Pexels

Last week saw our first ever long runs; or, I should say longer runs. In many respects this session ended up just being an elongated interval session, despite the original plan being to do just one long run. Somewhere around 2 minute runs with 1 minute intervals.

The plan going forward, now that Helena has shown that she is comfortably capable of running well over a minute non-stop, is to greatly increase the length of our intervals. To this end we ran some 50 second intervals this week, followed by a few shorter sprint intervals.

The longer term plan is to try a full 5k by the end of May. Because we are only doing our training once a week at this moment, the rate of advancement is far slower than most people would see doing a more conventional couch to 5k. As we are working on just general fitness, there are other forms of exercise that we are doing throughout the week.






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    I’m glad you’re keeping up with this! Can’t wait to see your improvement together 😄


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