We cook stuff: Peanut butter chicken

It has been a long time since we last posted anything on We cook stuff. This weekend we had a go at making peanut butter chicken following this recipe from BBC good food.

As with all previous posts on We cook stuff, this is not about detailing the process. The recipe does that. We are not experts at cooking, nor do we pretend to be. We just love food and enjoy making new things.

Following a recipe closely is not something that I am particularly good at. I tend to just use the ingredients how I assume they should be used. I’m not sure Helena is the biggest fan of me doing this, she likes to follow the instructions. The mix of the two processes does seem to work well for us. We follow the instructions closely enough that what we end up with somewhat resembles what we are trying to make, but not so closely that we lose all creativity.

As far as changes to the recipe for this cook go, we only changed the fresh ginger to dried ginger, and added some cashews. The ginger change was not by choice, rather we couldn’t find any fresh ginger in the supermarket. The cashews were added to give an extra texture to the finished dish. We added the cashews towards the end of the cook, to ensure that they didn’t go all soft.

This turned out to be a particularly successful cook for us. One of my favourite things that we have ever made. It was a little bit on the spicy side though, so using less fresh chillies is an option if heat is not your thing.





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    This looks good. Might have to try making it 😋


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