Google stadia isn’t “that” bad

There has been a lot of talk on the Internet in the last three months or so on the failure of Googles Stadia. As a user myself I feel that some of this talk is a little bit unjust. I’m not suggesting for a minute that Stadia is perfect. It doesn’t even come close.

Many of the points of criticism are entirely correct and understandable. Stadia doesn’t live up to all the pre-launch hype. It isn’t a finished product. Many of the reported features don’t yet fully work, or exist at all. There aren’t even that many games.

But. It does work. At least in my experience. 4k (sort of) gaming is possible, at frame rates that are completely playable. The visual fidelity is good, if not of the standard of a high end PC. Load times are nearly non-existent. There is no noticeable input lag.

This sort of experience may rely on a strong, fast Internet connection. It might not be the level of experience that most other users are getting.

My judgement can only be made based on my own experiences.

Does Stadia provide the sort of gaming experience that the world has come to expect over this console generation?


Is game streaming the future?

I feel like it just might be.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, Stadia doesn’t yet fully deliver as a gaming platform. I won’t try to defend it or Google on this front. But, it isn’t as bad as some of the press that it has gotten. With a solid Internet connection, and not too high expectations Stadia does work. It just isn’t that revolutionary. Yet.

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