I switched to Mac…. Sort of

Whats the change?

I have spent my entire life using Windows PCs for all of my computing tasks. In fact, other than a couple of years spent with the original iPod touch, I haven’t ever been a user of Apple products. Until today. I have just taken delivery of a27″ iMac.

An iMac and a coffee on a desk.
Photo by Jacqueline Kelly from Pexels

This is a replacement system for a now ageing custom built PC. At the start of 2020 I had made the decision to replace both my desktop and laptop. The original plan was to build a new Windows PC and then buy a new laptop later on.

Why an iMac?

The decision to switch to a mac for the desktop was made to cater to the needs of Helena and her business more than for my own purposes. Helena has been using mac OS for years, and is a very rare Windows user. Helena’s media business means that she spends a lot of time editing in Final Cut, and the big, high resolution screen of the iMac will really help with this.

A closed MacBook laptop.
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

With my primary business need, as far as computing goes, being word processing and some image editing, the OS that I am using is less important to me. That being said, I will continue to use Windows on my laptop, and when it comes time to replace this I will more than likely stick with Windows.

What do I think?

Despite being a huge fan of Windows and its ecosystem; I cannot deny that the build quality and general aesthetic of Apple’s products is of such a high quality. So many Windows laptops look and feel very plasticy when compared to comparable Mac laptops. In the small amount of time that I have been working with the iMac I have been impressed with its ease of use and I am slowly getting used to the differences between Mac OS and Windows.

Even though I don’t currently have any plans to completely ditch Windows, I cannot guarantee that this won’t change in the future. I am willing to be convinced that Mac can provide all I need from an OS.

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8 responses to “I switched to Mac…. Sort of”

  1. allofbritnee avatar

    I love my MacBook and wouldn’t trade it for anything lol. I’m glad you are enjoying your Mac.


  2. A Darker Shade of Rosie avatar

    Last year was literally “the year of Apple” for me. I switched from an Android phone to an iPhone (after a co-worker convinced me the the XR was so worth it) and then around my birthday, I got an Apple Watch. The. In June, my Acer laptop started to die so I bought a slightly used Macbook, and oh my, it was the best choice I ever made. (I got it from Facebook marketplace and drove over two hours to get it 🤣) Then I bought an iPad on Cyber Monday, and the ease of syncing everything just makes my heart so happy. ❤️


    1. Jonathan Buckeridge avatar

      The ability to sync everything is a big positive that may well sway my decision long term.


  3. Garrett Carlson avatar

    My wife and I purchased an iMac and we love it. The only reason why we haven’t gone all in on a MacBook yet is the cost of introduction is so high.


    1. Jonathan Buckeridge avatar

      I must admit that that is the one factor that I am less keen on. Although my Windows laptop wasn’t cheap either.


  4. embuckeridge avatar

    Nice to see you’re open to the idea now! I told you it isn’t that bad 😝


    1. Jonathan Buckeridge avatar

      😂 I’m enjoying it to an extent. Still mainly use Windows though.


      1. embuckeridge avatar

        Ryan still has windows and my macbooks dead so im leaning more to windows computer wise atm too! You can have both 😄


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