Running with my girlfriend – week 3

Running with my girlfriend – Week two

Week three of Helena and I’s couch to 5k adventure, and we are still going strong.

This week we made a little bit of a change to our programme, going from a 30 second : 1 minute run to walk split; to a 30 second : 50 second split. This change provided a bigger challenge this week than I initially expected.

Local park where we run
The local park where our current runs are taking place.

We used our usual route, although switched direction again, and on the third lap this week we did end up reverting to the 30 second : 1 minute plan. Depending on how well Helena’s legs recover to this week’s workout, we may well do this again for week four.

The way that Helena has taken to running, being super excited and genuinely enjoying herself, makes me so happy. My pride and love for her continues to swell almost day by day.

We are just going to be doing iterations on the same programme for the next few weeks. The updates here will therefore be less regular. Once we move on to some different plan elements, or different routes, I will post new updates.




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