CBD Promotes Better Athletic Recovery

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Pursuing a serious athletic career means prioritizing your performance and pushing your body to become leaner, faster and better. Even daily intense workouts aren’t always enough to reach your goals with regard to your physique. Experts will agree that how your body repairs itself and recovers is equally as important as physical exercise and how well you perform.

Whether you are a track runner, a soccer player, or weightlifter, any amateur or professional athletes will be pleased to hear that CBD can promote better athletic recovery! Plus, it is also thought to help your muscles repair themselves quicker.

How Does CBD Help With Post-Workout Recovery?

When you are training a specific set of muscles, you are essentially exposing them to stress. This, in turn, causes some microscopic damage to the fibers, which sounds really bad, but in fact, is completely normal and healthy. This is the point that your immune system starts working to repair the damage caused and thus new, healthy fibers are formed and over time, the continuous cycle of muscle damage and repair allows you to build more muscle and push yourself to the next level of athletic performance by increasing their workload.

But when you work out, you are also burning through your energy stores as well as losing fluid and additionally, your body goes through a series of intricate hormonal fluctuations. As soon as your training session comes to an end, your body will need to go into recovery mode and process these internal changes accordingly.

Sleep And Rest Are Vital To Efficient Recovery

Many athletes fail to get a good night’s sleep when they need it most, as during a competition they focus so much on winning that they struggle to wind down. The multifaceted recovery process takes place while you are sleeping, restoring a very important balance to your internal system, which is why more athletes are supplementing their diets with CBD. CBD is used as a natural alternative to sleeping tablets to helpease the symptoms of insomnia and promotes deeper and more restful sleep and in addition to this, it also helps take the edge off any pre-event nerves that almost all athletes experience during their careers.

CBD Can Help With Muscle Aches And Pains

Inflammation is usually seen as a bad thing, but when it comes to building muscle it is imperative. When you work out, the stress you exert onto your body causes the muscles trained to break down and then rebuild themselves stronger than they previously were. But, even though this process is essential to achieving your goals as an athlete, you will still be left feeling sore and achy, and some muscles could seize up temporarily. CBD has been proven to have potent anti-inflammatory effects–and it also boosts your immune system–to help speed up and intensify the muscle recovery process, so the aches and pains you experience will be much more manageable. Basically, it acts as a pain reliever to reduce the soreness and pain of muscles and joints in your post-workout recovery. The human endocannabinoid system is vital to regulating and responding to inflammation and when CBD interacts with it, any inflammation you are experiencing should greatly diminish. CBD is also highly effective at easing the symptoms of chronic inflammation like MS and Arthritis and many athletes are now using CBD as a preventative measure against bone and joint disorders.

Sadly, there are currently few studies that explore the link between CBD and exercise, which is likely to change in the coming years’ thanks to anecdotal evidence from world-renowned athletes like Nate Diaz who swear by CBD to aid and fasten their post-training recovery times.

CBD Reduces Injury Induced Pain And Inflammation

Serious injuries are every athlete’s worst nightmare. Not only does injury and pain mean that you will have to take a break from the game in order to recover, it also means that you could be benched completely. Most athletes rely on prescription painkillers to help them cope with pain and inflammation that is related to injury, but these have the potential to do lasting damage when used habitually for long periods of time. CBD is a versatile product that is now produced in many different forms like CBD gummies or CBD candies. Most athletes find that using a combination of CBD tincture and CBD infused topical balm is the best way to treat their pain from an internal and external perspective.

CBD Squashes Symptoms Of Anxiety

Some athletes thrive off pressure and an audience, whilst to many others, a busy crowd watching them perform is incredibly off-putting. Feelings of anxiety and panic can cause an athlete to feel as if they are freezing up and they just can’t think clearly about what their next move should be. Nervous energy can be a good thing, as with some mental determination it can easily be converted into extra fuel to spur you on to the finish line. Anxiety is a different matter, however, and it can easily cause you to feel paralyzed with fear, short of breath and riddled with panic. Whilst few studies exist in relation to the direct link between CBD and sports, what we do already know is that it has been scientifically proven to relieve the symptoms of event-triggered anxiety.

Final Thoughts

With the sports industry becoming increasingly more competitive, with stricter doping regulations, more athletes are flocking to natural alternatives to help them manage pain and improve performance. There have been several news stories that have emerged in recent years examining the potentially dangerous side effects of turning to prescription medications, so the majority of sports professionals are starting to recognize this and stop using them, paving a clear path for CBD to step up to the plate and steal the limelight.

The primary reason that more athletes are using CBD is for pain relief.  It is not addictive, it doesn’t have serious negative side effects, and you don’t need to see a physician to be able to buy it. It’s extra benefits such as reduced anxiety, enhanced performance and reduced recovery times are all factors that contribute to CBD becoming a staple supplement in the lives of some of the top competitors in the world.

This article is originally published at SundayScaries.




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