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Gener8 ads. Getting rewarded for the ads that you see

Getting paid to view ads… This sounds too good to be true surely?

However, with Gener8 ads you could do exactly that.

What is Gener8?

Gener8 is a browser extension that rewards you for the ads you see, while also ensuring you see more of the ads that are relevant to you. When ads are displayed on a website the site owner gets paid a small fee. With Gener8, you, as the viewer earn tokens. These tokens can be redemed in their marketplace for various rewards.

The Gener8 tokens are worth aproximately 10p each. I.e. 100 tokens equates to £10. The marketplace allows you to buy a £10 iTunes voucher with 100 tokens, or a £5 amazon voucher with 50 tokens.

Your tokens can also be donated to various charities.

The Gener8 marketplace is currently in beta, but they plan to launch it fully soon.

If you are intersted in trying out this new way of viewing ads online, you can sign up to Gener8 at the link below. By signing up via this link you will recieve a bonus 10 tokens once you have earned your first token. Please be aware that this is a referal link and that I will also earn a 10 token bonus after you have earned your first token.

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