We cook stuff: Chocolate chunk muffins

This week we tried our hands at creating chocolate chunk muffins. The recipe that our muffins are based on is available here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1514634/chocolate-chunk-muffins

There isn’t all that much to say this week as we didn’t make any huge changes to the recipe. We used brown sugar instead of the caster that the recipe calls for because that’s what we had, but otherwise, we followed the recipe exactly.

I will, therefore, leave you with some pictures of the process.

Mixing flour and sugar by hand
Mixing the flour, butter and baking powder
Chunks of chocolate added to the mix
Adding the chocolate chunks
Spooning muffin mixture into cake cases
With the eggs and milk added and mixed, the trays are ready to be filled
A muffin tray full of freshly cooked muffins
The end result

The final product was reasonably successful, they taste pretty great. There are a couple of small issues that I’m sure we’ll resolve next time. Firstly, the chunks of chocolate are big, so the inside of the muffins is really just a huge mess of melted chocolate. Secondly, the finish is a bit glossy, like a scone. We don’t know why this is, because we followed the recipe correctly.

Less than average – We cook stuff





2 responses to “We cook stuff: Chocolate chunk muffins”

  1. Lisa Alioto avatar
    Lisa Alioto

    These look heavenly!!! Thank you for sharing! (Wish you could literally share them! ;-))


    1. Jonathan Buckeridge avatar

      Thank you! They were very tasty. We are really enjoying learning to bake.


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