When ignoring the scales is good.

Experts cannot agree whether daily weighing is good or not. After all, that number on your scale doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about your overall well-being. There are so many more factors to being healthy. A focus on mental health, eating good food for nourishment and realising the benefits of exercise above just weight control are all important factors in good health.

With that in mind, here are some examples of when looking at the scales is definitely not a measure of your health.

Last thing at night.

The best time to check your weight is first thing in the morning. Before breakfast but after you’ve been to the toilet. This gives the most accurate representation of your body, minus all of the food and drink that you will have put into it during the day.

If you are a new mum.

Too much of a focus on your weight can be a terrible thing for a new mum, or a mum-to-be. This sort of focus can cause an increase in stress and anxiety at a time when these pressures are not only unhelpful but also potentially dangerous. A focus on behaviours that are known to be beneficial to health will be far better served than a focus on weight. Look to get adequate sleep, make sure you are moving and practice some stress management techniques.

When it reinforces negative self worth.

The main idea about keeping track of your weight is that it can help form healthy habits. Unfortunately that doesn’t always hold true. Some people react negatively to seeing a lack of progress or a number which they do not like. This can often come from setting unrealistic goals for yourself. When people develop this mindset they will often turn to unhealthy behaviours in order to control their weight. It is quite common for people to punish themselves if they feel they are not reaching their targets quickly enough, this on turn can lead to further feelings of low self-worth.




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