What am I listening to.

Music is one of the most important things in my life. Throughout all of the best and worst times, music has been there. It is capable of both changing my mood almost instantly and reflecting my feelings so perfectly.

As a child of the early 90s, I grew up with a love of pop-punk. Green day, Blink-182, Jimmy eat world; these are the soundtrack of my life. Like most people as I’ve grown older a wider variety of styles have begun to appeal to me. The grandiose sound of Angels and Airwaves is a particular favourite, although that might owe a lot to my love of a certain Tom Delonge.

My current go to album though, is one that is a bit of a left field choice for myself. A group that I have only recently discovered. Pale Waves’ Mind makes noises is this album. There is a strong mix of melodic female vocals, strong thumping bass lines and grand, distorted guitars. This mixed with just the right amount of electronic sounds and a subtle Cure like element make them one of the more interesting bands I have come across lately.

I was first made aware of this act when I heard a cover they did of Dua Lipa’s One kiss in the Radio 1 live lounge. The original song is not one I am personally in to, but I loved the cover.




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