Daily story – Writting to find inspiration.

I have decided that over the next few weeks I am going to write a story. I don’t know yet what it will be about, if it will be based on fact or fiction, if it will take anything from my own life or not. All I know is that I am planning on writing one paragraph every day for a while, to see what comes together. It may be rubbish, it may be amazing; I have no real idea of how good my ability to write or tell a story is. I hope everyone of you that read this blog gets some level of enjoyment out of this project, even if it’s just to laugh at the poor attempt. Once this project has been started I hope you feel able to give your own suggestions on how you think the story is going, and any ideas you have on how it should proceed.

My plan is to write the first paragraph tomorrow, and then take it from there as to how the story unfolds. It may be that some days I write more, or some days I may have no inspiration, or my mental state might not be so great and so I don’t write anything. Whatever happens I hope you all enjoy the ride and find something in the coming story that you can relate to.




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