Imagic 12 colours face and body paint

Read my sisters thoughts on this weird paint stuff for your body! I have no idea what it is.


For the longest time possible I Wanted to try the MUFE flash palette but I could not find it in the UK for the life of me. So, I eventually went onto amazon to try and find a dupe for it and I came across the Imagic 12 colours flash palette. I contains 10 creamy block colours, and 2 shimmer/glitter colours.

The colours can be used for multiple things, such as face painting, being used as an eyeshadow base, colour correctors, lipstick, contour, & can be mixed to create foundations.


Since buying this palette I’ve used it for colour correcting most times doing my makeup, and I’ve used it as an eyeshadow base also.


The consistency of this is creamy, and very oily so would need to be set with a powder no matter what it’s used for.  It’s well pigmented and a little goes a long way.

I feel…

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