Freezing shower?

I have just read that as well as having well documented benefits for your skin, turning the shower water to freezing just before you get out can increase your ability to cope with the effects of anxiety and stress.

Has anyone tried this?

I feel like if there is any measurable benefit to this, even if it is purely psychological, it is something worth doing. If such an easy change can make a difference it has to be worth it right?

Food for thought.





3 responses to “Freezing shower?”

  1. Be the energy you want to attract! avatar

    I have never heard this, I must try it.

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    1. dunce75 avatar

      Yes. It can be a little uncomfortable for a moment, all of your muscles kind of tense up for a second. But if it’s good for you I think it’s worth a try.

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  2. Freezing shower – Update – Less than average. avatar

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