Surviving the morning.

Some mornings I am so full of energy that I will get up 3 hours before work. These mornings I will go for a run, have a healthy breakfast and then walk to work. Other days I get up less than an hour before I need to be at work, skip breakfast, challenge the world record for the fastest ever shower and buy my coffee from one of those vending machines at the petrol station. Then there are the days after the sleepless nights, the slightly dead look that I rock up at work sporting. Hair that looks like one of those adverts for surf style gel, only without the effort. Eyes that are so bloodshot that you would be excused for confusing me with a zombie and a level of weirdness that goes far beyond that which I usually exhibit.

The only constant in all of these mornings, and truth be told the rest of my quiet time, is music. The music I listen to varies greatly with my moods, and often has a huge impact on it. Although I can be guilty of allowing myself to wallow in my less positive mind on occasion, because of the music I choose to listen to at that moment, in general it is one of the few things that can comp change my mindset.

This morning was a wet and dreary one. I got up about and hour and a half before work, showered, had some tea and then drove to work. Feeling reasonably good, I decided I would allow fate to choose the soundtrack of my morning, and so it was that I was treated to the delights of My chemical romance.

I have always found it amazing how music can evoke such strong feelings. Take the song “I don’t love you” from the “Black parade” album, I can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but something about this song just makes any feelings of stress or anxiety about the coming day disappear.

This is why I would recommend listening to music every morning. Create your own life soundtrack, think of it as a film, how dull would your favourite movie be without music? Don’t let your life be like a dull, silent film.

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