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I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to things like skincare or haircare or the like. I use a shampoo recommended by my best friend, a conditioner that she actually bought for me because I would “get it wrong” and various skin care products either recommended or gifted by her or my sister.

Both of these people have an extensive knowledge of the world of beauty treatments and, as such are the people I would most likely go to if I was looking for some help in this area. Having two people who know about this stuff makes my life a bit easier when, for instance, I feel like I might want to paint my nails. My best friend hates this, “boys don’t do that Jon”, but my sister is more than happy to paint them for me.

For an insight into this world, offering far greater knowledge than I posses please consider visiting my sister’s blog here: lipsnailslife.


Thank you






3 responses to “Beauty tips”

  1. embuckeridge avatar

    Awh bud! Thanks 😄 nothing wrong with boys painting their nails, or anything like that 😄 freedom to express ourselves is what makes us human ☺️

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    1. dunce75 avatar

      That’s what I’ve been telling her!! I think she just likes telling me off. 😒

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      1. embuckeridge avatar

        Women do like doing that tbh, just go with it, it’s easier 😂

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